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The Quality Indicator Survey, or QIS, is being rolled out across the country and it's bringing with it a lot of confusion and concern. Don't you wish you had a partner to help ensure that your facility is survey-ready at all times? Wish no more - ProMed is here for you.

The QIS Process. What's new? What's not?

Remember, the only thing that is changing is the process that surveyors use. The regulations are the same. However, during the first year of QIS implementation, changes in the process led to an increase in deficiencies. At some facilities, deficiencies even tripled. The number of G and IJ tags also increased under the QIS.

The QIS differs from the traditional survey in that it is computer driven, objective and uses a large sample size (70 resident records). In addition, the statement of deficiencies is computer generated. It is also much more resident-focused and uses structured interview tools for the resident, family, staff and chart reviews.

While the QIS is currently only being used in 11 states and won't be fully rolled out nationwide for a number of years, now is the time to prepare.